The International Coalition of Joy is a group of people inspired by the joy of life. These spiritual and worldly friends join for the purpose of sharing their cheerfulness with each other and the world. We are certain that by doing so  we help other people and the world community to reach a higher and more fulfilled state of awareness. The next step in human consciousness will be a step into more happiness, joy, and love.

Die internationale Koalition der Lebensfreude ist eine Gruppe von Menschen, die von der Freude inspiriert sind. Wir verbinden und verbünden uns, um unsere Heiterkeit miteinander und mit der Welt zu teilen. Wir haben Spass zusammen, und jeder von uns hat Spass mit sich selbst. Hahaha! Hihihi! Der nächste Schritt in der Entwicklung des menschlichen Bewusstseins besteht darin, mehr Glück, Lebenfreude und Liebe zu leben. Lasst uns lachen und lieben!

La internacional coalición de la algería es un grupo de gente que son inspirados de la alegría. Esos amigos se juntan con el preposito de compartir su inspiración con el mundo. Es seguro que pueden ayudar a los demas y al mundo de llegar a un estado de consciencia mas alta y mas alegre. El proximo paso en el desarollo de la consciencia humana va a ser un paso en dirección de mas felicidad, alegría y amor.

La Coalition Internationale de la Joie est un groupe de personnes inspiré par la joie de vivre. Nous partageons notre gaieté les uns avec les autres à travers le monde. Nous nous amusons avec tous et chacun de nous s'amuse avec lui-même. Hahaha! Le prochain pas de la conscience humaine sera un pas vers plus de bonheur, de joie et d'amour. Rions et aimons!

Coalition of Joy

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Roland Schutzbach, inspirator and founder of the coalition, has finished his book „The Age of Laughter“. With his wife Christina he has visited India and Nepal from December to April 2010. They visited masters of joy there and inspired them for the coalition. You find texts of his current travels in his new book.

Roland Schutzbach, Inspirator und Gründer der Koalition, schreibt z.Z an seinem neuen Buch „Das Zeitalter des Lachens“ (engl.). Zusammen mit seiner Frau Christina bereiste er im Winter 2009/10 Indien und Nepal. Dort traf er Meister und Meisterinnen der Lebensfreude und inspirierte sie für die Koalition.

Book Information (more information here)

The Age of Laughter

The New Age is Fun!

It’s not a book – it’s a dance!

Category: Spiritual/ Target audience: Humorous, enlightened souls

I invite you to join Roland on a journey to happiness that begins in happiness.

Steve Bhaerman

Roland Schutzbach, Ph. D., Switzerland, philosopher of laughter and happiness, proclaims the Age of Laughter in his breathtaking and blissful writing. He explores the spiritual, philosophical and historical foundations and describes a global coalition of joy already in existence. His insights about the Laughing God open the view to a new philosophy and spirituality for humanity.

Roland travels the world with his inspired wife Christina. He includes the insights of these journeys in his reports about encounters and philosophical dialogues in Switzerland, India, Nepal, France and Spain where he meets happiness, joy and a deep understanding of life. In India and Nepal, he experiences inspired communities which surpass his own visions of a coalition of joy.

Roland also comments his findings by views back into his own biography which has been extraordinary from the beginning.

Inspiring connections between boundless laughter and spiritual traditions of the world lead to the conclusion that each of us can happily transform the whole world by transforming himself. Roland laughs with Radio Vatican and discusses blissful aspects of Christianity. He attends at World Laughter Day in Southern France 2010 as a honorary laughter guest. Quotations and Comments of living masters of joy as well as inspired visions in literature and philosophy broaden the perspective.

A special website contains additional material like films, photos, laughter animation videos, interviews and links to the worldwide coalition of joy.

More than other works in this genre, this book puts laughter and fun into the centre of human consciousness development and emphasizes the transformational value of humor and of a light heart. With forewords of Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the international laughter club movement, India, Corinne Cosseron, International School of Laughter, France, Steve Bhaerman, political philosopher, USA, and Nico Ostis, consciousness mushroom co-creator, Goa/USA.

We invite everybody to join our „International Coalition of Joy“!

If you know about joyful groups, communities, ashrams and single persons - or if you are such person yourself - contact us! Become a member of the Facebook group!

Bern, Switzerland, April 2012   

Heiterkeit ist weder Tändelei noch Selbstgefälligkeit,

sie ist höchste Erkenntnis und Liebe,

ist Bejahen aller Wirklichkeit,

Wachsein am Rand aller Tiefen und Abgründe.

Sie ist das Geheimnis des Schönen

und die eigentliche Substanz jeder Kunst.

Hermann Hesse

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